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There are two types of drivers.  People who love driving, have a natural inclination towards all things mechanical, tear up and down motor ways with ease – driving test? pah! no bother of course I passed it FIRST TIME and there are people who drive because they have to.  In order to get from A to B.  Guess which category I fall in to? Ahem.  It’s bad enough having to drive from A to B in my own country – Ireland, but the thoughts of me let loose in a foreign country, where I a) may not understand the language , b) don’t understand the rules of the road –  they drive on a DIFFERANT  side of the road!!! –  is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat.  Trust me, I’m doing this in the interests of Irish/European/American relations.  It would not be good.  AT. ALL. Our tourist board would not approve.  No, consider this is my contribution to bord failte (Irish tourist board). No need to thank me  I promise not to drive when I go abroad.  Ever!!!