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Ah the long hazy rainy days of Summer are finally coming to an end.  I know this because in Ireland it has rained for the last two months.  It’s a deal with the man upstairs , someone who doesn’t like us has had a word in his ear “children are off school for the next two months in Ireland, make sure it rains, drive all the mammies and daddy’s mad haha” and then he goes off laughing away.  Meanwhile, there I am buying sunscreen, sunblock, antihistamine ( my little fella is allergic to all sorts) delighted with myself can’t wait for the summer, get the paddling pool out, go to the seaside, lovely!! keep the kids occupied, they won’t be (as) bored this is a win= win situation it’s good for them – they have plenty to do and lots of lovely vitamin d, it’s good for me – the fact that they have lots to do means I won’t be driven mad !!

From the middle of June  we mammies looked at each other at the school gates , the rest of Europe was in the middle of a heatwave we were in our jackets and boots!! I kid you not!! conversations like :”Well what do you think of the weather?” “I dunno it’d want to settle soon” became the main topic of conversation.  And to keep our spirits up we’d remind each other “In England/France/Spain/America  the sun is splitting the trees. Sure we’re bound to get some of it!! And we did – for a whole afternoon last week –  I ran out, got the pool out followed by kids all suddenly transformed and happy cos the sun was out spent 1 half hours filling the said pool and threatening all insects to stay away or else and….yep!! twenty minutes later the sun went and it began to rain little bits of drizzle and first and then torrents of rain. Seriously!! At least we can expect some decent weather soon I guarantee it the first day back in September and the sun will be shining.  Wait and see I guarantee it!!