“Kai! Come back here! – this day really sucked!! He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, the hot sand burning his feet but he didn’t care.  He hadn’t meant to let the pig out, it wasn’t his fault that it had ran away.  He was only looking at it in it’s pen.  It was all that dumb baby brother of his Tao, he was always crying, making noise.  His mother had no time to play with him since that nuisance arrived.  His father had patted him absently on the head and told Kai he was the man of the house now when dad was out hunting. He didn’t want to be the man of the house he was only a little boy.! Heart pounding he hid behind the bamboo shoots, he knew they would be out looking for him and he was right.  He heard his mother, and his aunts Mai and Lilli “Kai, Kai, where are you? ” They shook their heads “Maybe he went this way?” Lilli pointed to where there were indentations in the shoots.  When he was sure they had gone he went over to where the canoe was and untied it.  He would show them!! Stupid grown ups he didn’t need them at all, he’d be fine on his own.  He was a man now – his father had said so!!

But that had been a while ago and despite himself he didn’t feel quite so brave now.  He searched the shore.  In the distance he thought he could see a figure running towards him – “Kai, Kai” his father waved frantically as he entered the water “dad, dad”  “Stay there I’m coming  it’s ok”  He smiled as his father swam towards him.  Maybe they weren’t so bad after all.  He’d forgive them this time……writingcompboyadrift