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The bears head slammed against the wall with a sickening thud, his eyes wide open in shock. Unable to speak he didn’t make a sound. The boys fists tightened into balls by his side. Every muscle in his body tensed.  If he didn’t act fast he would be in a lot of trouble for sure!! With a ferocity that surprised him he hurled himself at the bear, giving a loud battle cry.  Fists flying, kicking with all his might the bear gave a ferocious growl and then lapsed into silence, his fur standing on end, his eyes wide open as though he were in shock.  With a ferocious growl the bear appeared to come back to life, the boy was beyond caring now, this was a fight to the end.  With all his might he hurled the bear against the wall.

There was a loud thud and then total silence.  She knew immediately that something was seriously amiss and ran as fast as she could hardly daring to open the door, dreading what she would see…..

And sure enough the display cabinet lay broken on the ground, shreds of glass around it.  The bear lay discarded against the wall.  She picked him up “Aaron how many times have I told you!!! No playing wwf with bearamy  it’s way too dangerous!!”