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A sudden explosive noise like the discharge of a gun moved through the air with lightening speed.  It was followed by complete silence. She heard a scream followed by a stream of profanities.

He came running in, his eyes wide-eyed with shock.  “Calm down, calm down” he surveyed the scene.  She nodded and grabbed her car keys without speaking.  There was no doubt this was an emergency – what was the quickest route? With great care they managed to place the patient on the back seat of the car.  However it was obvious to them that there was no time to lose.  The heavy evening traffic and sheets of rain beating against the front windshield of the car made movement almost impossible.  “Come on, come on” why weren’t they moving? Impatiently she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel – would these lights never change? After what seemed like an eternity they turned green and the convoy of cars began to move forward.  She swore as a car cut out in front of her. She could do without this right now.  “Alright back there?”  “Yes” he spoke through gritted teeth the strain audible in the tone of his voice.  Ben hadn’t meant for any of this to happen.  What would they do now? how would he, they manage without… It was unthinkable. She didn’t deserve this.  It just wasn’t fair.  “Won’t be long now” he said deliberately lightening the tone of his voice for her.

Nonetheless she put her foot on the accelerator, going as fast as she dared in this weather. Another few minutes and they’d be there.  Where to park though? the rain was coming down even heavier now. The car was quiet, silence broken only by the wipers rubbing against the front windshield. What on earth would she do now? how would she cope with this? She eyed her son in the back seat, his brow furrowed in concentration his lips set in two grim lines.  They would sort this. Somehow…

The car screeched to a halt.  “We’re here” “You can’t park here” “What choice do I have? Come on ” she unclipped her seat belt. “Are you sure?” “Of course I’m sure” with an effort she heaved herself out of the car taking care to pull the hood of her anorak over her head.  Her legs were shaking.  “Ok” he got out of the car and nervously awaited further instructions.  She sighed and moved towards the back seat “On three one…two…”

They walked in through the automatic doors together, each carrying a share of their precious cargo.  “Excuse me, It’s our laptop, it’s caught a virus” Ben looked down shame faced he’d been told not to down load any more games. “A virus? It’ll have to be wiped I’m afraid, the receptionist said smiling “but it can be fixed” Relief swept through them and for the first time since the laptop had crashed earlier that evening they grinned.  Welcome to laptop er!!