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Trapped in a stream of traffic on a blistering hot day was not the ideal time to make this journey. Anxiously I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel willing the traffic lights to turn green.  I could do without this right now and the day had started so well. Picture this: two weeks before the kids go back to school,just home from town I stagger into the kitchen laden down with bags after combining weekly shop with back to school stationary and uniform supplies.  The kitchen table is covered with grocery bags, Buddy (dog, new member of the family) is barking like mad, the children are high on a mixture of chocolate and back-school-it is.  I’m exhausted ,shocked and in foul form I’ve just spent a fortune on back to school essentials and I can’t believe how much it all costs. I’m giving out stink about book publishers, stationary suppliers and the like – seriously if a Folens rep called to my door right now or an educate.ie rep I’d give him a piece of my mind.  Anyways, I switch on my phone cos I need to make a call……..

me: My phone won’t work!! It won’t take my pin

Daughter(nearly 9, very sensible and practical child) “Let me see.  What have you done?”

me: “It’s the phone! I’ve typed in my pin.” (show her official card with pin on it) “No, it’s no good it won’t work. (Accusing stare at 7 and a  half year old son) this is your fault I told you not to download “mad eating shark things”

Son (sensing trouble ahead) “Sorry ma”

Me: “Ok well I’ll have to ring customer care maybe they can help”

So, I rang customer care and a very nice girl listened to my woes, would I try the pin again? I would of course.  No, sorry made no difference phone won’t work. She tells me that I’ll have to bring the phone into the shop as there’s obviously an issue with it.

Me: “Ok kids we’ll have to go back into town.”

Daughter: (studying me carefully) “Are you sure ?”

Me: “Yes look!!… ( show her the phone)… and the girl said I’d have to bring it to the shop.  It’s not working.  There’s an issue with it! Come on we have to go” (grabbing car keys)

Ignoring the bags of groceries which need to be put away we all trundle off into the car. Which is where my post started today.  Town was chock a bloc and eventually after circling the car park a couple of times we park up and make our way to the shop. Son is now walking ten paces behind quietly.  Daughter is fine.  She’s not in any kind of trouble she’s on top of this!

me: “Hello , I’ve a problem with my phone I’ve just been talking to someone in customer care and she said to bring the phone in here.  Phone won’t accept my pin when I type it in.  And look (producing official pin card) it’s the right pin!!”

man: “What button did you press?”

Me: “This one” (press button again just to prove it)

man: “It’s the wrong button”

Me:” Oh!!”

daughter: convulsions of laughter.

son: (realization dawning on his face) “So it’s not my fault?”

lots of customers eye balling me oddly

me: (ahem) “oh right yes I see thanks.”

man: “no problem” (smiling)

Well.  I was absolutely mortified. Ihaveneverleftashopsoquicklyinallmylife!! The children had big grins on their faces.   Absolutely thrilled at what had just happened. They really can’t wait to see their friends.   Back to the car and home to sort out the groceries.  At least I got to make my call….