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There was smoke everywhere.  It would hang in the air later lingering long after this catastrophe had been sorted out and life had returned to normal. Blinking furiously I still couldn’t see anything in the room , the dampened cloth I had placed over my mouth was black already from the smoke which filled the air. The room was thick with smoke and it all came from the centre of the room.  There on the table stood the source of all this trouble…..

 We are all different however when it comes to technology I believe  that there are two main “types” of people:

technogeeks -These people appear normal at first glance.  Mention anything to do with computers/technology and their eyes light up they are overcome with a zealous normally reserved for the elite.  They are super up to speed with all types of technology, spin out comments like “How many g of data? Is that all?” regularly zoom between social media sites, these people would have no bother installing printer etc. They can often be found working in computer shops, anywhere there is wifi or an Xbox!

technophobs:  These type of people resemble rabbits caught in head lights when faced with any type of technology-based “problem”.   They appear normal enough at first glance however mention any type of technology based problem at all ie install the printer and they come out in a cold sweat.  They can’t help this.  It’s like a type of dyslexia only with technology instead of words.

As you’ve guess if you’ve read my previous posts (and to both of you I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart) I am not technology minded.  Picture the scene there we were in the shop about to buy the printer.  I ask the nice man in the shop “So how do we install this?” (what I mean is you install this printer for me) he smiles and replies “oh it’s no bother” I reply  “I see” ( I am now telepathically sending him messages: install her printer, install the printer….) He continues to smile (thinks aha! I bet she’s a technophob) I wilt under his gaze, swallow hard and smile bravely in the face of defeat. “That’s great no bother, thanks we’ll take it ” (thinking i’m screwed i’ll have to do it myself) It’s the middle of the school summer holidays so my two smaller children are with me. They remain quiet.  Finally my daughter (8, nearly 9 very sensible) pipes up : “How easy…” she begins to speak and I “eye” her to be quiet.  The sales man/technogeek beams at her “Mammy will be able to install this in no time, she might let you print a pretty picture when it’s done” She glowers at him.  She’s no fool and can smeel flim flam at a thousand paces. Sales man/ Technogeek is unaware of this fact and we carry on with the sale.  And so we leave the shop with our purchase.  How hard can this be anyway?

                     Later that night when the children are in bed I begin to install the printer.  And guess what! Hah I install it first time.  How good am I ? maybe I’ve been a technogeek all along I just didn’t realise it. I fly through the installation process, practically whizzing through no bother at all.  I place the paper in the tray like I’m supposed to I switch it on , it makes a whirring noise like it’s supposed to and the paper feeds through and i’m chuffed I really am no more geek me and then it starts to smoke, little whiffs at first so slight I barely notice them ( just warming up surely?) and then …more…smoke and then well lots of smoke. And even more, the whole room is covered in it!! I rush to pull the plug out of the wall before we have an actual fire stubbing my toe in the process and let out a yell that can be heard in the next field!! The children run down to find out what’s happened and when they see the smoke they look at each other sigh  and nod.  I am technophob here me roar!!