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Sophia shivered, pulling her jacket around her.  It was so cold – in the pitch darkness of the night the only sound to be heard was the intermittent wailing of the sirens reminding them how life was far from ideal at the moment – it can be snatched away in a moment.  Where was he? this wasn’t like Victor at all , Md Sloine would be getting ready to lock up for the night she thought grimly as she blew on her hands to try and keep warm.  Well aware that the formidable house keeper would not take kindly to Sophia’s absence.  “Meet me tonight, I have to see you” he had whispered to her earlier that morning in the parlour.  She had looked at him and instantly regretted it only too aware of pairs of eyes watching her.  They had to be careful.  He had told her time and time again.  She had nodded quickly “oui monsieur” and then busied herself with her morning duties.  “Sophia! vitement” “oui Madam” she had left the room and went down to the kitchen how foolish to forget that. But it was the way he made her feel…..

How much longer should she give him though? She’d been here over an hour already.  She looked up at the statue in front of her.  In the darkness she could still see its outline if only he could talk she thought gazing up at it what stories he would tell……………………………….

And that’s it my ten minutes of writing over as per challenge.!! Of course there’s more , I’m working out the story as we speak and i’ll post it for you at the weekend  if you like but I want to stick to the rules of the challenge. So, for now that’s it. I start college tomorrow so spending today getting organised – and ( maybe) a bit nervous. Hope you enjoy my ten minute writing challenge –  I really enjoyed writing it for you!! ellie