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The noise of the alarm cut through the room waking her with a start.  Still groggy from her broken nights sleep she tried to collect her thoughts as best she could.  Where was she? Then it all came flooding back to her. She reached for her phone.  She had to make contact  …..

She got through the usual breakfast chaos, making sure the children got off to school  safe in the knowledge that for now at least all was well. Somehow she managed to get to college.  However as the morning went on she found her thoughts straying more and more.  What was going on? What had happened since they last met? She checked her watch, how much longer would this lecture last? another what.. fifteen minutes? Finally she couldn’t wait any longer she had to see.  Even if just for a minute to check that all was as it should be.  She slunk away from the others at the end of class if she was quick no one would even notice….

She made the next class with moments to spare.  Flicking a stray hair out of her eyes she hid the glimmer of a smirk of satisfaction she didn’t want to arouse suspicion.  Making no one the wiser she sat down and concentrated on her class as best she could. She was satisfied for now she realised but how long would that last? Sighing she realised that it was getting more and more difficult to manage… it was becoming an obsession.

Lunchtime came and she was agitated.  She was doing her best but she just couldn’t keep away. She knew she had to stop this, countless times she’d made many empty promises. This was all consuming  it was taking over her life.  Just once more she told herself. She ate her lunch quickly, making idle chit-chat with the others. She took the first available opportunity to excuse herself from the table without causing offence. A quick glance at her watch told her they had around forty minutes of uninterrupted pleasure.  She walked down the corridor and found “their” spot.  She stopped and took out her phone a smirk playing on her lips…social media it’s addictive  !!