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The nights are drawing in and the drop in temperature has become obvious.  The children are back in school a couple of weeks and before we know it every second person is sniffling into a hankey. We spent last weekend shuffling around blowing into tissues and eating chicken soup. Yep! the common cold had hit our family last Friday and the whole house surrendered to it for the weekend.  It got me thinking though : what causes a cold, and now that I have it what are the best methods to help me/us through the cycle.  So bearing in mind that we are still in September (only just) and cold and flu season hasn’t even started yet I thought you might find my list of hints helpful.  Believe it or not there are lots of difference viruses can cause cold symptom -that surprised me as I thought there was only one virus ( guess who wasn’t listening in biology) There are lots of them out there but the majority of colds are caused by rhinoviruses.  The nasty viruses get into the cells lining your nose and reproduces – the virus usually transferred by hand and from hands into nose. and before you where you are you feel like stir fried crap ie. the symptoms are showing themselves!! Fear no more check out these top tips and find out how best to beat the cold.

  • On average we need eight hours sleep a night when we have a cold our body requires more rest in order to fight a cold.
  • Stay hydrated: hot tea, green tea (even better) water,
  • Home made chicken soup.  Chicken soup has anti inflamatary properties and the salt will help top up electrolytes which we lose when we are sick


  • Eat protein: if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it hard to eat when you are sick but your body needs protein: fish, chicken, turkey will all help the organs that are fighting the cold
  • Eat garlic!! It’s a scientific fact that garlic kills off bacteria.
  • Try some ginger – steep ginger into some boiling water, wait until the water turns yellow and drink it with some honey.
  • Don’t drink alcohol – alcohol will decrease your immune system which stops the body fighting infection


Paracetamol: It’s the best ever for alleviating symptoms like aching muscles and headaches.  You can buy lots of over the counter remedies and they are a lot more expensive than good old fashioned paracetamol yet they do the same job.Unfortunately a cold can last up to nine days and it’s important to remember to build up your immune system when it’s gone as a weakened immune system means that your body won’t be able to fight infection/viruses as well as it should be.  So remember to get plenty of rest and eat “good” food.  More protein like chicken or fish, lots of green vegetables, and smoothies.  Thankfully we are all back to normal after the weekend.  Let’s hope that’s our quota for the winter !!!