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“Do you fancy a bit of pampering?” Olivia www.waterford-today.ie asked me grinning “Do I wha…? Yes!!” I replied (real cool like hah!!) “I have just the thing for you “Head on down to Bare minerals beauty bar and look for Joyce you get a facial and a makeover  and in return you do a review for the paper” I was thrilled!!! I love “Bare Minerals” both  the product and the ethos and who doesn’t like being pampered? Sounds good so far? Well it was and more….


Hands up anyone who could do with a bit of pampering? You’ve sorted out back to school, now you can finally have some well-earned “me” time. Take yourself down to the “Bare Minerals” make up bar in Debenhams in Waterford and prepare for 90 minutes of bliss with a facial and makeover. The popular company who are the leaders in mineral make up and skin care are celebrating four years in Debenhams in September which coincides with the first anniversary of their liquid foundation and as if that wasn’t enough they also launched their mineralixars range earlier in Jan 2015. The company which was founded in 1976 in California by Leslie Blodgett are going from strength to strength. With mission statements such as: “we are not content with just making women look pretty, we want them to feel beautiful” is it any wonder they are so popular. Founder Leslie Blodgett says”makeup can’t change the world but it can change people. And people who are inspired make all the difference.”

The Californian based company has based their ethos on Love…understanding…community” In “Bare Mineral” philosophy beauty comes from within, every woman has something unique, something truly beautiful which makes her special. All of their products are very pure, preservative free and are created to enhance skin from the outside in. Every mineral in the formulation is carefully selected to deliver proven results, so the outer appearance of the skin is pumped up – hence the appearance of fine lines are reduced. They are best known for inventing the first mineral based foundation which gives a flawless finish


After a friendly chat with Joyce where she assesses my skin tone (uneven and prone to Roscrea – I have typically Irish skin) and after consultation fills out my very own make under card which details all the products specifically for my skin. We head off to the beauty room, I’m not sure if you realise this but Debenhams have their own beauty room on site for customers. A real haven away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the department store. The products used on my skin were from the recently launched mineralixars range. These beautiful products are powered by the activsoil complex – this complex is clinically proven to deliver faster cell turnover, antioxidant defence and reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  My skin was cleansed with mineralixars facial oil – an oil based cleanser infused with rosehip seed oil. Apart from smelling and feeling absolutely gorgeous on my skin after cleansing skin felt soft and smooth. Then it was time for the moisturiser and eye cream. Joyce used mineralixars 5 oil blend on my face and renew and hydrate eye cream under my eyes. The important thing to remember with oil treatments she tells me is to massage them in so that they feed the skin. After a very relaxing and enjoyable massage Joyce told me to look in the mirror – There was a noticeable difference – and wonder of wonders – red patches were nowhere to be seen, skin looked a lot fresher and felt softer. “Bare Minerals “girl friends are given a makeover as standard after a facial. And no, before you ask the nasty chemicals in the makeup won’t undo all the good work from the facial because “bare minerals” don’t use preservatives, the products are completely natural!! I love my treatments but I hate bumping into someone I know barefaced when I’ve just come out of the salon.


Customer care comes to the fore again when Joyce explains how important it is to get the right shade of foundation. “Bare Minerals” don’t believe in carrying foundation onto your throat – they work from the premise that the correct shade of foundation will match your skin tone perfectly. I was delighted to get a chance to try out “Bare minerals” complex rescue foundation which was launched last September. What I loved about this foundation is that it’s a bb (blemish balm) and cc (colour control) cream – so you don’t need to use a primer. It also has a SPF 30 so you have the added protection of a sunscreen. This was set by their “well rested powder”. Concealer was “bare skin perfecting vent”, followed by bronzer. I should point out that “bare minerals” customers are shown how to apply the products and Joyce has plenty of handy tips to give out. After blusher was applied, Eye-brows were defined using a really handy brow master brush next colour was applied to the eyes and finally lips. After my pampering session was over I was ready to face the world again (although I’d much rather have stayed) I would highly recommend a visit to “Bare Minerals” the products themselves are affordable: – mineralixirs range starts from 25e, There’s a starter pack comprising of makeup brush, foundation and perfecting vent powder starting at 49e, the complexion rescue foundation which I used is 29e, the brow master brush is 13e (It’s so much handier than a pencil and gives a more natural finish brilliant idea!) After 48 hours my skin still looks and feels much softer and I’ve noticed that my foundation “sits” better on my skin since. Their new mission statement #be original #be natural #be good says it all. My advice if you want a well-deserved break and are in need of some pampering? Head down to “Bare minerals” beauty bar in Debenhams and ask for Joyce or Mary they know exactly what to do!