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Late at night and I’m working away on my post, words are coming easily and finally I have no distractions – the rest of the house is asleep.  My ears pick up I thought I heard something, far away but I can’t be sure so I carry on.  No, no it’s nothing probably the pipe work old houses are notorious for making lots of noise. But wait! there it is again – for heaven’s sake forget it, it’s nothing just your imagination.

I carry on as best I can but it’s no good my train of thought’s been interrupted one too many times.  I can definitely hear it.  I stop writing and listen. Sighing I get up and head toward the kitchen.  Tentatively I switch on the lights, hesitantly I take the first step across the room all the while the noise is getting louder – in my heart of hearts I have always known this moment would come. I open the fridge door and there it is calling me  – the last bar of chocolate!!

I did try to hide it from everyone (myself included) but I have always known where it was.  Hidden behind the peach donuts that were on special in Aldi a couple of weeks ago.  They are safe there, no-one will touch the peach donuts .I should know  I’ve tried I’ve tried everything to get them to eat them and it was all in vain! Despite all my well meaning attempts our home is a safe haven for fruit Late night tea swigging and chomping on chocolate – a necessary writing tool!!